Take the time to sit back and relax

Autopilot lets you put your feet up and auto-invest on the regular.

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Relax knowing you’re in control with Autopilot

Easily set, forget and auto-invest your money for long-term growth. Make your investing habits as routine as buying groceries or paying bills.

How Autopilot gets you investing

Fund effortlessly

No fluffing about between apps, we automatically pull directly from your connected bank account. E.g. CBA, Westpac, NAB.

Create your investment habit

Set how much you'd like to invest, how often (weekly, fortnightly or monthly), and when you'd like to start.

Allocate your money

Select how much goes to your Portfolio and Shares, then let Autopilot automatically place all your trades on repeat.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

We’ve made it easier than ever to set up a long-term investment strategy. Through compound growth and diversification, you're set up with winning habits to build wealth.

More than just automation

Stay invested

It's easy to set up a regular investment plan with Autopilot to suit any budget.

Built for convenience

Your deposits are automated to suit your plan, so you never need to think about it.

A little goes a long way

Dollar-cost averaging is a winning strategy by regularly investing equal amounts over time.

Start your journey 
financial freedom

What our members say

  • Finally, something that has been thought out.

    Jetwreck - Australia

  • Extremely Easy to Setup, Navigation around the App a breeze. Eager to start using the AutoPilot feature. Highly Recommended.

    Peter - Australia

  • Easy and simple to use.

    bm0101 - Australia

  • Happy with the app and its features! Good for beginners to experienced investor’s.

    Sdub361 - Australia

Frequently asked questions

How do I set Autopilot up?

Setting up Autopilot is quick and easy; it should take less than five minutes.

You can set up Autopilot in two ways

  • When choosing a Portfolio

  • At any time in the Autopilot hub (the blue circles in the top right of the Douugh app home screen)

From there;

  1. Click the Get Started button

  2. Select the Amount and Frequency of your deposit.

  3. Choose when your next investment will be.

  4. Connect your bank account through Basiq or manually.

  5. Choose how you’d like to divide your deposit; this can be just to your portfolio or between shares and your portfolio.

First steps towards financial independence taken!

When does my money get deposited with Autopilot?

This ones up to you! You can set a schedule of either Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly.

We suggest picking a date that aligns with your pay cycle so you can start investing as soon as you get paid.

How do I change my funding source?

To change your funding source, start by heading over to the Autopilot hub - On the top right-hand side of the home screen, tap the blue cycles.

Tap Edit next to the existing account, the third option, and select an existing account. If you'd like to add a new account, click 'Add' at the bottom.

How do I change the amount or frequency of my investment?

Once you’ve set up Autopilot, changing the frequency can be done via your Autopilot hub.

On the top right-hand side of the home screen, tap the blue cycles, then tap Edit next to the element you’d like to update.