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Reward your customers by investing in their future with Douugh Pay.

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Reimagining loyalty via Stockback™

Stockback™ allows you to reward a customer for shopping with you. They'll receive cashback at checkout that’s invested into a managed Portfolio, chosen by the customer.

Help your customers grow their money as they spend it

Link your Card to the Douugh Wallet & earn Stockback™.


Select Douugh at checkout & scan the QR code


Link your Card and tap ‘Pay Now’ in the App


Checkout and earn instant Stockback!

Customers can split their payments into instalments using Douugh Pay & earn Stockback™.


Select Douugh at checkout & scan the QR code


Tap 'Pay Later' in the App to setup an instalment plan


Checkout and earn instant Stockback!

Key benefits

By having Douugh Pay available at checkout, you can be assured of a dramatic improvement in core metrics.

Increase in conversion & sales

Increase in average order value

Reduction in fraud & chargebacks

Increase in repeat purchase rate

Popular eCommerce sites

Our gateway is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.

Know how things are going

Stay in the loop and updated effortlessly. Use our easy-to-use tools to take control of your path to success, making and monitoring seamlessly.

Immediate settlement and access to Stockback™

Experience the ease of instant settlement. With our platform, enjoy the convenience of quick transactions, ensuring you have immediate access to the tools and insights you need. Say goodbye to delays and hello to instant settlement.

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customers experience?

Frequently asked questions

How secure is your platform?

Highly secure! Our systems are designed with the protection of your customers in mind. Using state-of-the-art data encryption and in-app biometric security for all your transactions.

How does Stockback work?

We simply take the cashback amount you select to pay out and invest it on behalf of your customers. A customer has to earn $10 in cashback before the investment is triggered into their chosen portfolio.

  • Douugh is NOT an asset manager and is not licensed to give financial advice. We are a share broker.

Why should I integrate this into my checkout?

Customer Loyalty Boost: Engage and retain customers by offering them a unique and valuable Stockback™ reward program, setting your business apart from the competition.

Secure Gateway: Our Pay Now or Pay Later secure gateway ensures seamless and safe transactions, giving your customers the confidence to choose your business for their needs.

Differentiation: Stand out in your industry by adopting cutting-edge financial technology. Douugh's solutions offer a fresh, modern approach to customer loyalty and payments.

How can you claim to reduce fraud and chargebacks?

We operate an in-App solution, protected by device biometrics. In order to sign up to the Douugh App, a customer needs to be fully vetted in terms of KYC and AML, as well as pass numerous fraud vectors to be able to be issued with an account to utilise the Douugh Pay service.