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Use Sustainability Scores to invest in your values and the world. See a breakdown of every company's performance in 4 key sustainability pillars.

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How we compare

Stake Commsec NAB Selfwealth Pearler
Brokerage Fee per Trade (AUD) $4.99 for unlimited trading per month $4.61 (US$3) per trade up to $30,000 $19.95 per trade $9.95 per trade $9.50 per trade $6.50 per trade
FX Fee per Trade nil nil nil 0.50%-0.80% nil nil
FX Fee on Deposit and Withdrawal A fee of 0.99% is included in the quoted FX rate 70bps 0.006 nil 60bps nil
Effective margin* 0.99% 1.00% 0.87% 0.80% 0.87% 0.71%

Data valid as of 03/07/2023

* Assuming a market FX rate 0.7000, to compare 'Effective Margin' between companies (no other fees considered). The effective margin allows a comparison between companies that offer a 'Margin', or a 'Basis Point' charge

USD:AUD = 1.42

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Your Investments are protected up to US$500,000 under Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) scheme.

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All your investments are held in your name (yes, even fractional investments).

Peace of mind

Our systems are designed with your protection in mind. Using state-of-the-art data encryption and in-app biometric security for all your transactions.

What our members say

  • Finally, something that has been thought out.

    Jetwreck - Australia

  • Extremely Easy to Setup, Navigation around the App a breeze. Eager to start using the AutoPilot feature. Highly Recommended.

    Peter - Australia

  • Easy and simple to use.

    bm0101 - Australia

  • Happy with the app and its features! Good for beginners to experienced investor’s.

    Sdub361 - Australia

Frequently asked questions

What types of orders are available?

Currently, Douugh offers two types of orders; market and limit.

  • Market orders are orders to buy or sell a stock at the next best price.

  • Limit orders execute at a set price or better, dependent on whether your buying or selling.

When buying a share, you can switch between the two, just tap the drop-down in the top right-hand corner of the order screen.

You can find more information on each type here;

If you’re keen to learn more about how you can use these orders check out the Douugh Academy.

What does Open, High and Low mean?

Open, High and Low refer to the price of a stock at specific points in the trading day.

Open: indicates what the stock was worth when the market opened for trade that day.

High: shows the highest value the stock reached during that trading session.

Low: refers to the lowest value reached during that trading session.

A little below this information on each share, you’ll notice figures for a 52-week High and a 52-week Low; these indicate the highest and lowest prices, annually.

How is my sustainability score calculated?

Sustainability scores comprise several categories relating to how companies treat their people, community and the planet.

Each category is individually scored out of 100, then added together to produce a company’s total rating on an A to F scale.

If you’d like to learn more about scoring or what ESG means, check out our Academy.

What are Analyst views?

Analyst views or recommendations are advice given by financial analysts and investment researchers with regard to what assets to invest in and what assets not to invest in.

At Douugh, we don’t offer advice, but if you’re looking for some direction, click on any stock in the app and scroll to the bottom of where it says Analysts view.

Here it shows the analyst rating of the stock as either Buy, Hold or Sell.

Analyst views are the consolidated views of independent investment analysts provided by IEX Cloud.

These are updated regularly and collated from across financial markets.

It's important to note that these views are opinions only, without taking into account your personal circumstances. You should always research and consider whether the decision to buy, sell or hold is right for you.

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