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For times when you need a helping hand, smooth your cash flow with Spot!

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Pay back in 4 instalments

Borrow up to $2k on demand for a fixed $12.99 fee per Spot. Repay in 4x weekly instalments, with no interest or late fees. Don't get trapped in a debt cycle.

The flexibility to borrow as you need!

Take control of your spending and manage your cash flow effortlessly with Spot. Borrow money when you need it, before or after making a purchase.

Borrow instantly & repay in instalments with Spot.


Choose how much you’d like to borrow


Instantly deposited into your connected account


Repay in 4x weekly instalments + a fixed fee

Coming Soon - Split your purchases into instalments with Auto-Spot.


In Spend Jar select ‘Pay from Spot Jar’


Make a purchase with your Douugh card


Repay in 4x weekly instalments + a fixed fee

Need some extra time to pay? Snooze it!

Delay all your upcoming Spot repayments by 7 days for just $2.49. This feature is designed to help you further smooth your cash flow by giving you an extra week to repay.

Earn extra dimes for paying on time

We’re all about rewarding you - even when you need a helping hand. Score a bonus 4%2 Stockback™ on your Spot when it’s repaid in full.

Can’t make it to payday?

We've got you covered no matter how you need to smooth your cash flow. Whether you're a few days from payday, get shocked by an unexpected expense or want to buy those new shoes.

Get a Spot when you shop!

Pay later at checkout and earn Stockback™ rewards from a growing selection of online merchants.

Who can use Spot?

We’d love to offer this to everyone, but we can only help if you meet the below criteria:

You must earn over $300 a week after tax. Centrelink payments cannot make up more than 50% of this amount.

You must be paid regularly - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Your salary must be deposited into a bank account that is linked to your Douugh account (we sort out the linking bit for you).

You pass our financial assessment (including your income and spending behaviour).

Your questions answered.

How do I take out a Spot?

A Spot can only be requested by following these steps:

  1. Join Douugh (if you have not already done so)

    1. See: How do I join Douugh?

  2. Log into the Douugh app.

  3. Tap your Spot Jar

  4. Tap ‘+ Spot me’

  5. Tap ‘Create Spot’

  6. Tap the edit pencil or use the slider to select how much you want to borrow.

  7. Tap ‘Next’

  8. Review your instalment plan and tap ‘Next’

  9. Enter a name for your Spot (and change the icon if you wish) then tap ‘Next’.

    1. If you don't have a Spot repayment card by this point, you will need to link a Spot repayment card to pay your Spot repayments when they fall due.

  10. Tap to select what bank account will receive your Spot.

    1. If you don't have a bank account connected to Douugh by this point, you will need to connect your account by either linking it via Basiq or tapping 'Link manually' to enter your bank details.

  11. Review your Spot details and once you're comfortable that all is as expected, tap ‘Confirm & Proceed’.

Once done you will get confirmation that your Spot and repayment plan has been created. This will mean the funds have been sent to your selected account.

Can I change my Spot repayment dates?

Unfortunately at the moment, no.

When you take out your Spot, your first payment will be set for 7 days from the date your Spot commenced.

How much can I borrow?

$2000 is the maximum anyone can borrow and you’ll be informed once you’ve signed up how much your borrowing limit is.

The amount offered to you will depend on your individual assessment.

Are there any rewards for paying a Spot back on time or early?

By paying back your Spot on time or early, you could qualify for a bonus 4% Stockback™!

Check out this guide of Stockback™ for more info:

And if you are ready to pay back your Spot now, check out this guide:

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