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What are ‘green’ industries?

2 mins | Beginnner


Green industries are industries with a focus on bettering business impact, by reducing bad practices and finding new ways to fuel society. They often reward investors with profits and positive impact, and have potential growth opportunities as new environmental regulations evolve.

Green industries are areas of business with the goal of reducing harmful environmental practices, or finding healthier resources to fuel society. They often use sustainable technologies - like solar/hydro power - and use the resources they have more efficiently.

Green industries offer their investors the reward of both profits and a positive impact on the environment. So you get to feel good about doing good, and making money back! 

As the world begins to address climate and environmental issues, industries that are built upon outdated practices will face higher costs and regulatory barriers. There is an increased need and opportunity in the market for green alternatives. 

Understanding which industries are considered ‘green’ can sometimes be difficult. We’ve put together this list of ‘green investment’ industries that provide opportunity for the future:

  • Renewable Energy

    • Hydroelectricity

    • Wind Power

    • Solar Energy 

    • Geothermal Energy

  • Pollution Controls

  • Green Transportation

  • Waste reduction

  • Alternative Agriculture

    • Organic farming

    • Aquaculture

  • Waster Investments

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